This is a set of custom fit morphs for Sunny Bikini free set to fit GND4:Athletic bodyshape .Included are fits for the top and the panty .

Tested in Poser 6 and above and DazStudio , under Windows Vista and 7 ( not tested on Mac ) .These are only pose files , no original .cr2/.obj nor textures files are provided . The fits were made for GND4 in a zeroed position .See included Readme’s for usage tips and restrictions ( commercial renders are allowed , no redistribution of the morphs ) .

copyright © november 2010 by Alizea


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In order to use this set , you’ll need to have properly installed the following items :

  • The original Sunny Bikini set by Bucketload3D is no longer available  .
  • Victoria 4 base , available here >>V4 base .
  • Blackhearted’s Girl Next Door 4 ( GND4 : Athletic ) , available here >> GND4 : Athletic .
  • V4′s Morphs++ are not needed for using GND4 but they are highly recomended as they make easier to fit clothes once your V4 is posed .You can get them here >> V4 Morphs++ .
  • E-Frontiers’s Poser 6 or above OR DazStudio 3 Free or Advanced , with InjectPMD free plug-in installed .


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4 Responses to “Sunny Bikini fit to GND4”

    I went there and unless I am more confused then normal, I see NOTHING about the bikini… will check back or try more on Rendo FreeStuff… and thanks for your work! I just bought GND4.2

  2. Hi Alizea

    Thank you for these fits. I’m using DAZ Studio and unfortunately there is no way to import a PZ2 which uses a PMD file so I can’t use them (I don’t have Poser). Anyways, thanks for your effort.

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